Official page of the Towun Council of Agüero (Spain)

The town is a picturesque group, of medieval layout, with an own history. It is a member of the "Mallos Kingdom"

The romanesque art is here manifested; enigmatic and grandiose in all the architectural works that it possesses

It is characteristic their language ("fabla"), extremely rich in words and toponymy. The only one in the area.

It has an interesting museum dedicated to the organ, with unique pieces that travel the history of that instrument.

Romanesque Church of Santiago, that it is a national monument, from the XII century.

Parochial church of Sant Salvador, of romanesque style, XI century, enlarged in the XVI one.

Sant Felices has a romanesque parochial church, of the XI century.

Museum of the Organ "D. Luis Galindo Bisquer", that is located in the parochial abbey.

There is a Baroque organ in the church of Sant Salvador, conserved under perfect conditions.

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