Ficha técnica de Agüero
     Technique card of Agüero

      Agüero is judicial administrative area of Jaca, in the district of the Hoya of Huesca (Huesca Hole); area of 94 km2 of surface and about 180 inhabitants (715 in 1950), 696 m. of height and 42 kms. to Huesca. Gentile: agüerano.
      The Mallos highlights to the South of Saint Domingo's Mountain Chain on the right riverbank of the river Gállego, with the town below, the staggered houses, its streets in hill or with perrons adapting to the land. The Church of San Salvador is in the same center, of stone ashlar and facade of amusing brick arcade, with three naves separated by cylindricals pillars . It is of romanesque origin, with amplifications of the XVI Century.
      Even bigger merit has the Santiago's Church

(hermitage),National Monument from 1920, to about 700 mts. of the town. It was sought to make a great temple that was in a cruise and three apses, rich cover of capitals very worked with several reasons and tympanum of Byzantine influence.
      There is another front in the interior, with warriors' capitals riding. The apses, are very decorations..
       There were several hermitages, today in ruins: The Virgin of the Plain (with image of the XII century); San Miguel (he stays the canvas in that of Santa Quiteria - XVI century-); etc.,.... Parties for San Roque of the 13 at August 17. Pilgrimage to Santiago the 25 of Julio. We are working in recovering traditions: the dances and sculpture.

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