158 - Peña Sola NORMAL ***

      Interesting and commendable ascension. It offers a varied and safe climbing.
      The way begins on the left of the face looking at the village, just in a leaning where the insurances are seen (small perforation to reach the beginning). Arriving at the first insurance with a shoulders way if it is necessary, surpassing the vault and leaving through a short fissure to the comfortable meeting. Continuing through a red wall until reaching a cornice, which we will follow on our right for some meters until reaching the meeting just on the spire face looking at the village. Leaving for a fissure until you find a big tree. Reaching on your right another smaller shrub. Going directly through some lying walls until you reach a cave with a lot of rock bridges. Leaving on the right and climb for some plaques until reaching the hill.
      Descent: In rappel through the same way until the second meeting. From here to the floor.
      Difficulty: 5c/A1
      Equipment: 12 strips and a fissure.

159 - Espolón del viento **** (spur of the wind)

      The Peña Sola in its north face is marked with an outstanding spur, as it was a very big prow of a ship. The way begins with a toppled over fissure with a nail and then it gets to a meeting in an approachable cornice from the height. Leaving through an artificial fissure, then surpassing a paunch leaving on the right. Going ahead and then on your right until you reach the meeting on a cornice. Traversing the cornice on the left and ascend for a plaque until you arrive at some paunches and you will arrive at the meeting through a short wall. Then you must ascend on the left of the spur through a plaque until you get to an artificial paunch and then you get to the meeting on the spur left. From this point and right diagonal reach the meeting on a shelf. Getting from here to the hill is very easy. There is a way with few repeating.

      Difficulty: 6b/A2

      Equipment: 15 strips, some fissures friends and codeines. The way is equipped enough. Optional nails.

160 - Torrijo *

      This way goes through the east face of Peña Sola close to the height. It is characterized because of the great amount of paunches it surpasses, until reaching the most lying part in the upper zone on the wall.
      The equipment mainly consists of spit metal tips without a screw. The climbing is difficult and slow. No repeating is known.

      Difficulty: 5b/A2

      Equipment: Screws 8 metrical and flushes as you like, nails fissures and friends. Codeines.

161 - Tramber chope les boules ***

       Way, which goes for an evident dihedral, placed in the west versant of the mallows clump, farther away from Peña Sola .
       In the style of Ravier, there are only two insurances in all the way giving to the ascension a special character. The descent is made through the breach. After it going on your left to reach the cliff which looks at the village and rappel of 50 metres.

      Difficulty: 6a/b

      Equipment: At least three nails.

162 - L'emoi et le jeu ***

       On the big dihedral's right a vertical fissure with an edge is born. You may enjoy yourselves very much if you climb it. Difficulty and few insurances are proper of this beautiful ascension. Wonderful way especially on its lower part.

      Difficulty: 6b/c in 200 metres.

      Equipment: A full box of friends and fissures and varied nails (plane, "U" and universal)..

     On the image below, there are some climbers in the "Boulders" of the cave in Agüero.
      In the photograph on the right there is a rural policemen of the mountain. He is climbing in "Tramber chope les boules".
     Photograph: By R. Roussel.

 Mountain Civil Guard, climbing the 'Tramber chope les boules'
 In the 'boulders' of Agüero Cave (Photograph: R. Roussel)

Bibliography "Climbing in Riglos, Agüero and Foz de Escalate Guide" by Felipe Guinda Polo. PRAMES (

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